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Directed by Dean Qudus and Maryam Qudus Cinematographer: Sarah Jaffe

Editing, Visual Effects and Coloring: Stephanie Kuse Gaffer: Aleksandra Seiger

Producer: Andy Hoffman and Marc Lenahan

PA / BTS Footage: Luke Kreger and Stewart Gray Special thanks to Andy Hoffman, Little Giant Lighting, DTC Lighting and Maria Donjacour


Directed by Kimber-Lee Alston and Maryam Qudus Cinematographer: Andy Hoffman

Camera Assistant: Deidre Locklear

Produced by Maryam Qudus

PA / BTS Photos: Ginger Fierstein

Color & VFX: Stephanie Kuse

Hair & Makeup: Phoenix Ha

Styling: Maryam Qudus

Talent: Maryam Qudus and Beau Sorenson

Shot at Ciel Creative Space (Berkeley, CA)


Special thanks to Miriam, Marian and the entire team at Ciel Creative Space, Jesse and Theodore at Little Giant Lighting, Acme Scenery and Madeleine Simon Studio

Pipe and Pistol

Director: Ambar Navarro

DP/VFX: Max Flick

Gaffer: Justin Teichen

Editor: Tempe Hale

Projections: Stephanie Kuse

Hair & Makeup: Mimi Meyer

Set Designer: Rocky Hardy from Cocaine Decor

Stylist: Sister Kokoro

BTS Photos: Omar Akrouche

Production Assistant: Beau Sorenson


Special thanks to Tyler McGillivary, Leean Huang, Formas, Loren Molinare, Korg, Julian Shine, Andrew Pelletier, Kate Kasbee and Beau Sorenson


Pipe and Pistol was recorded & produced by Maryam Qudus at Best House (Berkeley, CA)

Mixed by Beau Sorenson

Mastered by Heba Kadry


Music Video by Stephanie Kuse / 

Videography by Beau Sorenson ⁣ 


This Shit was recorded & produced

by Maryam Qudus at Best House (Berkeley, CA)

Drums were performed by Liam O’neill at

Tiny Telephone (San Francisco, CA)

Additional Recording at Hall of Justice (Seattle, WA)

Mixed by Beau Sorenson

Mastered by Heba Kadry

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